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5 Essential Tips For Good Oral Care

To get healthier teeth and mouth, make sure you do proper brushing of your teeth, regularly use floss, treat swollen gums and control plaque using a mouth rinse prescribed by a specialist, keep your dentures clean with a denture care product, and avoid drying your mouth.

No matter what your age, you should always take good care of your mouth and teeth. If your teeth and mouth become unhealthy, they become more prone to tooth decay, gum diseases and, in extreme cases, oral cancer. Regular visits to the dentist Troy is very important in ensuring there is early diagnosis and proper treatment of different oral problems. In addition to regular dentist visits, you should follow the next set of tips on how to care of your teeth and mouth.

Use the correct method of brushing your teeth

Proper brushing of your teeth is integral to good oral care. Your daily teeth brushing routine should be done with a toothbrush with soft bristles and fluoride toothpaste. Brush all sides of your teeth by working in small circles and doing forward and backward strokes. Don’t forget to include brushing the gum line and your tongue, but take care to do it gently. An electric toothbrush may prove to be quite handy for people with disabilities that inhibit movement or those who suffer from arthritis. Another option is to tie the toothbrush with a rubber band to your hand or to attach the brush handle to a piece of plastic or wood.

Floss on a regular basis

In addition to tooth brushing, remember to use dental floss to make sure your teeth are clean and your gums are healthy. Flossing is useful in removing plaque and food particles lodged in your teeth, especially those which your toothbrush cannot reach. Don’t forget to rinse your mouth after you floss. If you notice bleeding or feel pain in your gums when you brush or floss, you should see your dentist.

Use mouth rinse prescribed by your dentist to cure swollen gums and control plaque

If you experience swollen gums or plaque, your dentist could recommend an antibacterial mouth rinse for you.

Maintain the cleanliness of your dentures with a denture care product

There can be some discomfort with dentures in the first weeks of having it. You might need to visit your dentist regularly for the first few weeks of having dentures. It’s also important to maintain the cleanliness of your dentures. This can be accomplished through a denture care product which you will use to brush the denture surfaces daily. Before you go to sleep, remember to remove your dentures and place them in a container with water or cleansing liquid. You can use the same tips for partial dentures but keep close attention on the area under your denture clasps since this is very prone to bacteria buildup.

Avoid drying your mouth

Dry mouth can be quite an inconvenience and is uncomfortable. You could have problems tasting and swallowing food and, in some cases, speaking. Additionally, dry mouth can make your teeth more prone to infection. Fortunately, you can prevent this condition using a number of ways. Drinking water is one of the ways you can hydrate. You should also consume fewer drinks containing alcohol or caffeine, stop smoking and cutback on food that is sweet and sugary. Your dentist could also suggest that you buy artificial saliva which is available at drug stores.

Aside from avoiding oral infections, a healthy mouth and teeth can boost your self esteem.

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