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Thyromine and Supporting Your Thyroid Health

Unfortunately most of us do not even realize how important thyroid health is to our overall health. And just like our overall health our thyroid health can be maintained with a healthy diet, exercise and also supported by supplements specifically formulated for the thyroid such as Thyromine.

So what does the thyroid do that is so important to our body?

The endocrine system is the bodies system of glands that release different hormones the body requires. These glands are key in regulating the body’s metabolism, weight control, mood, growth, development and tissue functions. The thyroid gland is within this endocrine system and is directly related to regulating the body’s metabolism and converting of calories into energy.

The thyroid gland is called upon by the pituitary gland to produce the thyroid hormone. Problems occur when either the thyroid can’t produce the amount of hormones called for by the pituitary gland or the thyroid is not being stimulated by the pituitary gland to produce hormones. There are many things that can affect the proper function of the thyroid gland such as stress, toxins, chemicals, radiation, poor diet and lack of exercise.

So how exactly does a healthy diet, exercise and a thyroid supplement help maintain and support your thyroid?

The thyroid gland needs plenty of iodine and amino acids to function properly which come directly from a healthy diet. Sea vegetables, such as see-weed or Japanese broccoli, are a great source of iodine, while meat, chicken and fish are a great source for amino acids. Regular vegetables are a fairly good source of iodine as well but not as plentiful as sea vegetables.

When you exercise your body maintains and builds muscle, as opposed to lack of exercise where muscle turns into fat. Muscle itself promotes the thyroid’s hormone production and also helps maintain your metabolism right alongside the thyroid gland.

Thyromine is an all natural supplement that was developed for the thyroid to help it function and also promote overall health and wellness. It is made up of the sea vegetable Nori (Iodine), adrenaline, thyroid powder and rare herbs. All of the ingredients in Thyromine were specifically engineered to work together with your body to produce the proper amounts of thyroid hormones that your body needs every day. 

The thyroid is a vital part of everybody’s health and should be something that we all pay more attention to. There are some signs that could indicate that your thyroid is not functioning properly such as feeling down or depressed, gaining weight, sensitivity to cold, constipation, dry hair and skin, high cholesterol, muscle aches and stiffness or heavy menstrual cycles. 

Remember that eating a healthy diet, exercise and a natural thyroid supplement like Thyromine can all help prevent, improve and maintain a healthy thyroid and have you feeling great.

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