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Can a Detox Diet Cure Acne?

A detox diet is a way to help purify the body of toxins and allow your body and essential organs (kidneys, liver and digestive tract) to heal itself and bring a great sense of health to all your body systems. This is done in a variety of ways, some controversial …

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Zeolites – Natural Chelation Detox

The natural health researchers at Institute for Vibrant Living (IVL) have investigated the natural remedies available for detoxifying the body. Here is their report:   Nature’s “Zeolites” Zeolites have become a popular nutritional supplement used for detoxification.  Activated zeolites possess a unique “honeycomb” structure that contain negatively-charged, vacant spaces – that attract …

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Reasons for a Detox Diet

Maybe you have read a lot of articles discussing detox diets, its efficiency as well as its drawbacks. And because of the many write ups that you have read about it, you are now confused as to whether or not you should try this regimen. Some articles may have written …

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Detox – The Liver Detoxification Diet

The liver is one in all the most organs of detoxification. It’s many different complicated functions and your health is basically determined by the vitality of your liver. The environment is currently stuffed with toxic chemicals which get into your body through your food, water and air. They ultimately arrive …

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Foods That Detox Your Body Natural Colon Cleanse

Besides taking colon cleansing pills you can make digestion better by also adding healthy foods that can help make it even better. Healthy eating is very important, taking pills will help but proper nutrition is greater for you and your colon. It’s not really hard to choose healthier options when …

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